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LBW Alfriston 2010: Beer (and other things)

Sussex is blessed with many breweries. The most well-known is Harveys in the nearby town of Lewes. The rest are listed here by Brighton CAMRA. Your correspondent particularly enjoys beers from Dark Star, Hammerpot, and Hepworth.

The best ciders in England - and therefore the best in the world - are also brewed in and around Sussex. The nearest cider-maker is Middle Farm, who also run a shop selling well over 100 different ciders, beer from most of the local breweries, English wines, spirits and liqueurs, and other local produce. We hope to have a barrel of local cider in the hall, and maybe to arrange a trip to see cider being made.

Vines are grown in several places in southern England, the best of the local vineyards being Breaky Bottom. We hope to arrange a trip here too.